Reports on activities of FY2017(Winter Workshop)

Our program organised the third workshop on university history education in Southeast Asia at Osaka University on 10 December 2017. We invited Southeast Asian scholars, three from Singapore (Prof. Liu Hong, Asst. Prof. Els van Dongen and Assoc. Prof. Hallam Stevens: History Programme, Nanyang Technological University) and one from Vietnam (Prof. Pham Quang Minh: University of Social and Human Sciences, Vietnam National University), and a co-investigator of our program from a local university in Japan as well (Prof. Jun Iwai: Shizuoka University) to continue our discussion toward a new model of history education in universities.

( Liu Hong is giving his presentation.)

(Discussing Pham Quang Minh’s presentation.)

(Shigeru Akita,Shiro Momoki,Liu Hong and Jun Iwai are having a lively discussion.)