Reports on activities of FY2017(visit to Vietnam)

On September 2017, Shiro Momoki, Shigeru Akita, Atsushi Goto, Jun Iwai, Masashi Okada and Xiaolong Huang paid a visit to the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, for the onsite survey.


On 19 September, At Department of Japanese Studies

We gave lectures (in Japanese) to students there.

The first speaker, Xiaolong Huang, Specially Appointed Researcher of Osaka University, gave a lecture on Japanese medieval history titled “Religious Power and the Upheavals in Medieval Japan: Heisenji Temple from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Century”.

The second speaker, Atsushi Goto, Associate Professor of Kyoto Tachibana University, gave a lecture on Japanese modern history titled “Kurofune (Black Ships) in the Modern History of Japan”.

After the lectures, we had a conference with faculty, to exchange ideas about education of the Department.

(Atsushi Goto is giving his lecture.)

On 20 September, At Department of history

(Meeting with faculty.)

On 21 September, At Department of history

We observed a world modern history lecture by faculty there, and gave lectures in English.

The first speaker, Jun Iwai, Professor of Shizuoka University, gave a lecture titled “Comparative History of the Two Declarations of Independence: The Births of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam and the United States of America”.

The second speaker, Shigeru Akita, gave a lecture titled “International Order of Asia in the 1930s—a revisionist interpretation”.

(At the gate of Vietnam National University, Hanoi)

(Shigeru Akita is giving his lecture.)